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There are multiple ways to respond to the current refugee crisis and sponsor a refugee family in your own town!

Anywhere in the U.S. you can get involved by joining IRIS to sponsor through the new Welcome Corps Program, Sponsor Circles to welcome Ukrainians or Venezuelans, or join the Community Co-Sponsorship Program that helps families all over the world.

What is the difference between Welcome Corps, Sponsors Circles, and Community Co-Sponsorship?

The U.S. government (State Department) approved community sponsorship programs to expand opportunities for all Americans to join in welcoming refugee families to towns across the country. Through the Welcome Corps.

IRIS partners with you anywhere in the U.S., to welcome refugee families from around the world to your town!  Learn more here.

IRIS also partners with Community Sponsorship Hub (CSH) which oversees the Sponsor Circles Program, an emergency program to welcome families specifically from Ukraine 

In Connecticut, IRIS offers a “Co-Sponsorship Program” for communities seeking to welcome families seeking refuge from any country – if your community group desires more close interaction with and support from our local staff, as well as access to additional financial support for the family.

Welcome Corps

Sponsor Circles

Community Co-Sponsorship

Welcome Corps

Sponsor Circles

Community Co-Sponsorship


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