IRIS will maintain a budget of approximately $2.3M for 2019.  A decrease in federal support has meant that IRIS had to make up the difference with private fundraising.  IRIS has been able to achieve this by building a community engagement team that continually raises the bar.  Most refugee resettlement organizations depend on federal grants for 80-100% of their income.  IRIS’s federal grants represented just 60% of total income in 2012.  IRIS’s 2019 budget, which is more than twice the size, will project only 30% of income to come from federal grants.  IRIS will privately raise 70% or more of the 2019 budget, which is in line with what IRIS has achieved in 2017 and 2018.

Direct client aid represents over $300K of the IRIS budget.  Personnel expenses total $1.6M.  Approximately 90% of IRIS staff time is devoted to client service.  Case Management is 40% of the IRIS budget, Education & Employment 24%, Fundraising 12%, Legal 10%, Community Engagement 8%, Health & Wellness 6%.  

The current national climate leaves refugee resettlement and American immigration policy in a state that is impossible to predict. Despite this fact, we know IRIS will continue to be strong, whatever the future holds.  Connecticut’s existing population of refugees, immigrants and displaced people alone will continue to need IRIS services for a generation. And history shows us that immigrants will continue to arrive in our country and state. Immigrants have always fueled Connecticut’s social, economic and cultural growth and they always will. IRIS will be here to serve them.